Who we serve

 We serve a wide-variety of Salon and Spa industry professionals nationwide.

These business professionals include but are not limited to:

  • Salon and spa owners who understand our industry practices result in a high use of energy and water, while producing toxic waste into the air and water streams.
  • Service providers, providing professional services, at various levels, to promote beauty, personal health and spiritual well being directly to the public.
  • Support industries such as product manufacturing and salon educating to industry professionals.

They are an elite group of business professionals dedicated to transforming this industry into better stewards to the environment. Members look to the National Association of Eco-Friendly Salons & Spas to provide guidance in the areas of build-out, operation and maintenance, using eco-friendly business practices. What they all have in common is that they are busy, successful industry professionals, who hold environmental responsibility in the highest regard.

Do any of the following statements apply to you?

  • I would like know more about being green, but there’s so much information out there and I'm so busy I don't know where to start.
  • I already employ green business strategies but would like learn more about new and existing products and technologies.
  • I'm tired of being bombarded with green guilt; I want to feel good about my business and how it affects the world around us.
  • I am very dedicated to the environment and would like to showcase my efforts in a way that would increase awareness in others.

You’re not alone! Our Focus is to Provide Information and Education
on owning and operating a Sustainable Salon & Spa

Green and sustainable business practices are not just a trend, they are a necessity. Consumers are becoming more selective about who they do business with. They are demanding companies and organizations embrace the green movement and operate their businesses responsibly and in harmony with the environment.

NAEFSS is currently going through a restructuring process aimed at reaching more salon industry professionals, providing more products and services to ensure an easy transfermation.  Become part of our growing community of environmentally friendly, socially resposibe salon industry professionals. Like us on Facebook to keep up with our new transformation!