Our Focus is to Provide Information and Education
on owning and operating a Sustainable Salon & Spa

Many believe Green and Sustainable business practices are not just a trend, they are a necessity. Consumers are becoming more selective about who they do business with, demanding companies and organizations embrace the green movement and operate their businesses responsibly and in harmony with the environment. For information directly relating to the Salon & Spa business, click on the links below:

The White Paper is written to celebrate great strides in salon/spa sustainability and to further engage salon professionals in understanding and implementing sustainable business practices. Discover where sustainability is alive, well, and thriving in the salon/spa industry. Then decide for yourself where you fit into the mix.

NAEFSS White Paper

The Zero Waste Study demonstrates one Salon & Spa’s commitment to making a change. Don’t let this be just some article you came across without giving it a second thought. Whether you are a salon/spa owner, wet goods or furnishing manufacturer or any other beauty industry professional, you can make a difference.  “Zero Waste” is a clear and obtainable objective in your workplace and your home!

Zero Waste Study