Affiliate Companies

          The National Association of Eco-Friendly Salons & Spas (NAEFSS) is an association formed for all who work within this professional industry. Our goal is to build a community based on different levels of “Green” proficiency. Exposure to other eco-friendly businesses helps us achieve one of our goals, helping industry professionals find like-minded companies to do business with.

          In most cases, salon and spa owner concerns are dominated by developing and  learning new trends, maintaining and increasing their client list, and in general, performing daily tasks related to running a business. They don’t have time to research companies for products related to operations, build out and maintenance. For this reason we are now partnering with like-minded companies in a mutual referral program.

          If your business promotes eco-friendly alternatives and would like to help its client accounts do the same, partnering with NAEFSS is the answer. Why re-create the wheel?  All systems are in place for those who want to learn how to transform their salon & spa into eco-friendly spaces, those who want to source eco- friendly products, and those at the beginning stage of building their business who want to start off strong.


To get more details about the NAEFSS Mutual Referral Program contact