Our Industry will LEAD THE WAY to a Beautiful Planet once again!

The task of solving the earth’s environmental issues will require something from all of us; the time to act is now.  Don’t think of it as a challenge but as an opportunity to lead the way!  We are our most powerful and influential when combining innovation, creativity, and inspiration with wealth and dignity-building. 

     We are a uniquely influential group of professionals just by the sheer magnitude of people we come into contact with daily.  Our clients are Teachers, Doctors, Engineers, Parents nurturing tomorrow’s leaders and so many more, truly a diverse group of people!

     There IS ENOUGH! Just exactly enough of everything we need to bring about change. The National Association of Eco-Friendly Salons and Spas can point you in the right direction toward joining the Sustainability Movement!  Get Started, if you are looking for a concise roadmap to follow, Certify, if you are looking to showcase your efforts and encourage others to follow, and Join Us, to become part of our growing community of Salon & Spa Industry Professionals who are also environmentally responsible business owners.