Measure Up

This is the time of year when many people are focused on their measurements, time to see how much damage they did to their healthy body goals over the Holidays. To everyone who gets upset over their findings I say stop…relax and love yourself! Today is a brand new day and if you don’t have the tools to get the body you want, you know where to find them, just record your measurements and get started on making improvements.

The same goes with your Sustainability goals. Even when you’re not quite sure where to start or what sustainability initiatives to implement, measurements are the key.

Tamara Barker, Chief Sustainability officer, UPS recently talked about how they use Big Data to drive measurable environmental reductions. Their software crunches millions of data points to guide UPS Drivers on the most efficient route. When fully implemented they expect to avoid 100 million miles driven which directly relates to lower greenhouse gas emissions and millions of fuel savings per year! (Shana Rappaport and Elaine Hsieh, Green Biz)

Why are measurements important? It’s simple; you cannot see improvements on what isn’t measured? If you don’t see improvements you lose your momentum for change.

At present your utility company tracks power usage and there are other ways to begin recording waste reductions but we can do more. If you currently use a software system that isn’t helping you track sustainability initiatives you need to contact them and let them know what is important to you. NAEFSS can help these companies develop analytics that will help you achieve your goals.


Progress encourages growth. Don’t get overwhelmed, just get started. If you need help, contact us, we have the tools to get you started.