Life is like a game.

Since it is fall, I'll use football for my example:

          Take football, the object of the game is to get the ball past the goal.  In the game of life your goal is your dream, who or what you say you are or want to be. 

          In football you reach your goal when a receiver is passed the ball and runs fast to the goal.  Or maybe the receiver catches the ball in the endzone.  What makes it a game is the other team.  In life the other team represents obstacles in life, challenges to overcome.  What fun is football without the opposing team, what fun is life without the sense of accomplishment felt when challenges are overcome? 

          The game of life doesn’t have the same rules for everyone.  We’re all different and we all place different challenges before ourselves.  Maybe we feel the strongest sense of self when we overcome the biggest challenges. 

          Life gives us exactly what we need to be who we say we are.  It is our choice whether or not to recognize the challenges as opportunities to be our personal best.

Go You! Touchdown!