Patriot Program

Those of you who know my passion for Salon and Spa Sustainability know that part of sustainability is partnering with companies who share your values, not only in the sustainability arena but in other areas as well.  Many of you have noticed my posts about CBD Oil and wonder about the connection. First let me be transparent by telling you I am an Independent Ambassador for UltraCell by Zilis, a Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil. Why connect the two businesses and why this company? Because CBD Oil is a fast growing market, predicted to grow over 700% by 2020.

The Eco-Friendly Hairstyle Challenge!

Sustainability that Directly Relates to Your Creative Side! 

April is Earth Month, or at least it’s the month that holds Earth Day.  In honor of this time of year and the beginning of new spring fashions, I’d like to throw out a challenge. Create an Eco-Friendly Hairstyle! 

The introduction of Microgrids*

At a time when power generation was concentrated, the Macro grid, supplying electricity from large fossil-fuel plants nonstop made sense. Today it inhibits the flow of society to transition into clean energy produced everywhere.  The Microgrid combines solar, wind, in-stream hydro and biomass into localized groups distributing energy available to remote regions as well as high-income, energy-rich locales.